Don’t you dare and close your eyes! I know the nightmares you hide inside I know the secrets of your life I know what keeps spinning in your mind Shed a light on me if you’re pure give me a sign while you’re crossing the line If you’re worthy, why your truth is turning into […]

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Lately, I’ve been out of my mind Lately, it feels like I’m out of rhymes Lately, I’ve been seeking for the light While being a slave to the night And lately, I’ve been losing this fight She’s acting like a hard ass now One tick from the past can take you down Words can make […]

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You tell me you believe in me As you ask someone else to do my job for me Answering my question with another question You’re playing my own tricks on me Another conversation with another fake friend By all means, keep on giving until you hit a dead end Face to face just another face […]

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I’ve been praying for God Sleeping with my angels Waking up to my demons This is my flow it’s out of control It’s venom when we talk Easy when we just take a walk And just kiss before we fall And maybe this will be the last call One day you’ll look back, love can’t […]

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You’re gifted, talented, I wish I can write like you, You’re my new addiction, I see it in your eyes you’re twisted Damaged, the tides have shifted, your words keep on drifting Just another soul on your hit list, You pray as you wait for there predictions?! No wonder you have such a messed up […]

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You don’t know how to write You better keep quiet Well I said it, that’s right That’s right, did I hurt your feeling last night? Well truth to be told I don’t give a damn anymore I’ve already conquered your soul, just fake another smile As I know you’re dying inside, giving up this fight […]

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Calling yourself fearless when you keep on running From what scares you the most We’re all scared of the unknown Trying to be different but ending up being just another stereotype Knew you barely for a month A year later, saw nothing new Driving your car, showing us what you’re hearing on the radio And […]

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