People lying to my face, I’m sick of that, every time they try to say the truth they just miss, look at me your stories makes no sense and they fall bit by bit, you spit venom like it’s bliss, man don’t you know? you’re losing , it’s all breaking now, falling down, but go ahead open your Instagram you smile at the cam hit the button post it damn, as we don’t know it’s just a scam.
I’m tired of this you’re living in an illusion, you start getting obsessed with each person’s conclusion, as you start slipping, your head stop spinning, the phone screen controlling your visions, your eyes go back to the television where the truth is not hidden, it’s lying beneath your ambition, now you start splitting between what life you should be living, happiness never visits, don’t tell me study now to enjoy later, screw this lie, my mind it won’t be invading, you’re running searching for the maker but there’s none, look at the skies, it’s one immortal who created all that , look at the dirt, you mortal, you wonder why it’s so unfair now, does it feel bad, do you feel sad? I’m no better, I live as I watch the falling feathers, used to be an angel but I changed angles, and as it hits you, you’re searching for freedom not knowing where it even begins, is it breaking free from your own faith? or just live it for its core knowing it’s no chains, but still there always this maze that keeps you awake, happiness is money, education, diplomas, and even when you get all that you just know no rest, even when you give it your best it always feel like there’s something missing even when you look at your wife that lies near you and smile and even when you’re holding hands with your child, friends you can’t keep them till the end, cause we go our separate ways, but your family will never fade away, now tell me what life you’re going to chose mate?
If you want to follow me just trust in your creativity, I never actually liked reality, it’s more of a matrix to me, they want you to be creative while they want you to follow rules restricting you from your own tools, and it’s nothing ground breaking if you’re not famous, and to be famous forget the talent, you just need a pretty face, a family name and go ahead act like a fool, where the wrong is just so right, and when you do something righteous they laugh at you telling you you’re not cool, so forget reality they manufacture people now with all the social media and TV shows and they follow so blindly, come and be a rarity.

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