A twisted conversation 

It all started with a stupid add, and you accepted it somehow, said “hi”, you replied “bye” and paused, then you told me relax it’s a stupid joke, well alright so we started to chat back and forth, you told me I’ve been on diet for a while, replied with a smile emoji telling you I’m a bit, well kinda fat, then we kept the conversation going on whats-app, like three hours and a half, until you went out and I took a nap, closed my eyes for a while, woke up, checked my messages, it was you telling me I missed you, so I replied and said that it’s kinda of funny I missed you to, and we started chatting again, telling stories, how we both like walking under the rain,  and how you used to love playing with the sands, and talking to you I started to wish that the nights never end, we started getting closer week after another, and you started sending pictures with you and your father who passed away on October, started to send you songs that you loved, you played them each one after another, now we started talking about our secrets, some of them were small and some were so wicked, and we started getting deeper, you mentioned that schoolmate who was a sex addict, and you wanted to heal him, you knew it was massive, and he used to love you, and I still remember your first whats-app background you showed me, you were hugging him, you told me he’s more like a brother, so time passed we hated and loved one another, but somehow you started fading, you felt in love with someone else, remember each promise you said? How you won’t be leaving?, but the thing is you never stayed, you never knew me even after all that, cause everything I said was a lie from the first day, even my name, even each secret I said was fake, that’s what you get for trusting a stranger on the Internet.


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