What’s on my mind, I don’t even know anymore, it’s just a blank, my ideas like an empty bank, you started to fade while I was holding your hand, we got so close, but as we walked we left distance behind us, so we knew just one mistake would destroy us, and go back to square one, but we just aimed to the sun, yeah it was little bit of games and lots of fun, we didn’t know that we were getting done before we even felt in love. 

Between everything there’s nothing that we just keep on denying as we’re all dying and we know death is always calling

We fight to keep our own existence yet we know our existence will always fall as we breathe each breath, feel our last heart beat, I never had such a pessimistic view, I was always optimistic thinking my dreams will eventually come true, and each time I looked into your eyes they held much love and knew nothing but the truth, your mind was bringing me back to my youth, we kissed, we fucked, we stole each others heart, and they say you’ll never know what you have until it’s gone, but I did cause we were one,me and you, you and me, poor but rich in love and faith, that’s why there was always that smile drawn on your face, and the wind just play the music of heavens when it blows your hair, and a body made by gods that only knew how to create perfection, devilish but righteous in its own ways, it was a miracle for me to have you, a miracle that just came crashing down, you started to feel sick, vomiting each day, we were too poor to afford a treatment, you told me “Don’t worry, hey there’s God just pray”.

You died the next day, kept screaming for an hour “wake up”, I was in disbelief, even with all the pain, you died still wearing that smile, as I was falling, my tears running on your face, and just shouted, “Why? Why you’re smiling? Even on your death bed?” Then I remembered how strong was your faith, and I remembered my last prayer, it was “God, please let her rest, heal her please.”He healed you and gave you eternal rest. 

But I still wonder till this day why we fight to survive?  knowing death will come take us anytime, reality is a dream, God help me cause I’m not alright. 


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