“We all swim in different oceans but land on the same shore”

I guess that’s the world at its core we try to fly up but we just fight till we drop

it’s always the same story until you hit the limit praise the glory come hold my territory

don’t enter my visions that I in-vision they’re just so gory a parental advice it’s mandatory

I know that you’re telling the truth but in time truth rebuild itself to a lie it’s always the same story

Hell, rocks on my chest it feels like I’m “Malphite” with none of his might

now sit tight as I explain why I write while my words kick each other that’s how much they bite

it’s more of a curse than a talent I wish sometimes I can write my way out of it

It’s like the paper facing WORD hunger and my brain wants me to collapse

each letter until my hands trigger as I go insane well I’m triggered so let me start a blizzard

bullet through my head and I didn’t even reconsider

cause I was so blind planned a future that I just can’t configure

so I tried to backtrack it as I reconfigure but how can I make it when the present I’m facing

it’s more of a bigger killer I guess I’m no more than an episode for the filler

I should be thankful for each day I see another sun but I’m hateful

now I’m not disgraceful I know I have a purpose

but is it worth it? Conquering all the pain from all the unfaithful

you live to die and die  to live such a beautiful twist and no I’m not stable

it’s you and me always turning tables

ashes we are ashes will always be

but humans always like to give labels

and rich killing while the poor getting convicted

such a righteous justice we enabled

I don’t want to wake up I just want to live in my fable

people are not monsters, monsters don’t know how to speak

so leave me be leave me live in my dreams

screw reality it’s one hell of a ride until clarity

so much darkness so much light all at the end will leave you blind

so who the heck is brainwashing me cause I don’t know anymore

I’m losing all of my control as the hellhounds fall

but when I look into your dreamy green eyes

you hold the force of nature in them so bright

so perhaps your art conquered my world

but each letter of mine conquered your universe

think about it and I don’t even doubt it I come back and forth

just killing rebuilding reckoning your mind

forget earth and come taste the reflections of my world



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