The Factory

Welcome to the planet it’s beautiful isn’t it?

look at the skies what’s beyond them it’s limitless

I used to look into your eyes and see vividness

now you grew and you’re just spiritless

she went to school she use to act cool

she used to dream about being an artist

but the system made her just another tool

created another society for the fool

we’re just programmed it’s cruel

no wonder we worry so much

about being replace by robots “hey objection “overruled”.

Now this is graduation take pictures

“don’t forget to post them online I want them to remember our sons

and daughters as geniuses hey make some happy faces”

wait what geniuses you say? Just take a seat

you realize it’s the same stuff just going on repeat

and it’s been going like that for decades dear

same feels same system same speech

education what makes nation

but nation the same ideas maintaining

that’s why history lives in a circle remaking

the same democracy they spit and we’re just staining

dreams and creativity we’re just draining

just to make killing and factory machines

that’s at what we’re aiming

and no I’m not hating

but we’re humans we’re all smart

who’s blaming oh yeah

degrees blessed with fake conclusions

on bunch of numbers they conclude us

teachers with half a brain that they can doom us


see everyone can make money

but not everyone can break the illusion

they say you need to work for living

but how come you die when It’s given

is there something about life I’ve been missing?


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