​                           I’ve been fighting
                 with myself for a while now

unplugged hope put my
dreams on the shelf

love lost never been
found killing I just melt

welcome to earth he
said lose your integrity

and just forget
everything you knew about clarity

there’s nothing but
pain here and you’re no rarity

we live under the
same sun so lose the prosperity

tech all around us
but we still live in barbarity

who the hell is
talking to me I’m losing my mentality

who are you..I’m the
demon you said to me

that’s crashing your

I’m going to struck
you with your own words

Oh shut up you’re making me blind 

no you said to me you
said I hunt each night

being the sickness and they think I’m the med of there lives

and they feel the red
that spread each time

believing this is
happiness and on repeat they put this track on the same line

and man I love your

it’s just a maze with
1000 phase

your ideas about life
I embrace

you’re no more than a
man who will fade

cause each second you
die a little so here take the blade

kill yourself you’re going to hell either way 

what’s reality it’s
nothing but a twisted illusion 

you need to know I’m
shocking you with each line you play 

oh my just shut up
you demon let me defuse them

the words you’re
saying are hitting killing every emotion

what’s real what’s
not I’m real you’re real that’s why you’re in devotion

I’m losing control
losing the wheels that carried me on for so long

but I might live this
hell I won’t be living in the other

I know how to hold on
a fight with my mighty father

I won’t believe your
lies so don’t even bother

sometime I question
why I question each question though I know each answer

so shut up you’re no
more than a cancer.



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