The Void 

My mind is just full of confusing thoughts so that’s why even when I type, some stuff makes no sense even to me, but I write cause I want to show you the truth that depress you, I’m not writing to impress you, to be honest I want to stress you, as my words start making a rope to chock you, well screw you, I said Hello by mistake you started acting like I’m into to you, look take your ego and your thoughts about me somewhere else, the nothing you are the nothing you’ll be, you only see money therefore nothing you’ll see, even when you laugh I can hear your screams, I’m such a nightmare don’t you even dare to dream, I’m immoral when I want  to be, you act like you all deserve respect, well before I do that tell me how many lies I need to digest? You speak about love so much, and about how good you are, look if you want to be nice be nice but stop acting and talking about it, even if you’re a star cause when you do that it shows how pathetic you really are, you start getting weak and each week you try to hide your hate until you snap, you start talking behind their back, little did you know they talk behind yours as well, it’s funny how I can crack you so easily but I can’t even crack myself, well here I go again transforming to Hades again, fire in my eyes as my words build my own world just to set it on flames as I try to die and let go of my sins, they call us messengers of God but what about my own message, you sent us on a mission but what If I didn’t want it God? Do you even listen to me God? I wonder where my prayers have gone, I’m not able to pray anymore, I tried to believe so hard, but answered one question ten thousand others just pops up, you work just to survive, and go further in life, still knowing there’s no escape from death, just grab the knife and make it end , but what if there’s an afterlife you said, everyone wants to die but no one wants to go to hell, if nothing is real here, perhaps everything will be real just after death, well welcome to my criminal mind, a psychopathic life, no days just nights, I’m done with this fight, everyone is right and you’re always wrong, so you just go and start writing songs, feeling so damn old, even when you speak they laugh at the things you spoke, they think you’re insane, but look at them, fighting this life that they can’t even win, so you go and walk on the same trail over and over again, till the reaper suddenly comes and just whisper “Here comes death.”, well you were too busy building this life that you forgot what comes next, but it’s too late now, and no one can save you from hell.


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