Whisper Darkness 


if there’s heaven there’s hell

it’s not about what the pope says

it’s about what God said

you have his words

so read them

and think before you make a stand


I don’t speak much

but when I take the pen and start writing

it’s like I’m fighting for the win

It’s like I’m defeating each sin

but I know that some of my words still makes no sense

you need to open your eyes and rearrange them for you to climb my fence

I’m simple but effective I annihilate your way of thinking and not but chance

I can rebuild you and make you feel hate and lose love just from the first glance

my thoughts are beyond none functional that’s why I sit and start acting all fictional

I wish I was never born I’m no more than a damn torn to all

the demons hunting and keeps on hunting my throne

and I am what you make me and your ideas about me

don’t let them go

go ahead build me inside your own mind

like you even know me when I don’t know

what does go on inside of me

look I’m no angel but neither are you

stop acting you’re the pure one and all the rest

are the sinners

but hey I’ll step back

go on judge me , judge me

judge me from the way I talk

from the way I walk

from my education and all

from the past that doesn’t exist anymore

but If you want to do that

I’ll give you the archive

I’m no more than a bad soul trying to redeem itself

I can’t fix what happened back then

I’ve been a bad person I guess I still am

I can see but I have no vision that’s why

each second I snap


So before I die

let me erase each lie

I’ve been a bad person

and didn’t even try to fight

so I just go and hide

cause there’s still

darkness in light



You think I only want you for pleasure

but did I ever told you you’re a treasure?

you’re heaven and I’m hell

I know sometimes I fall

and fade away not because I’m sick of you

it’s because I’m sick of me

I don’t even know what’s my destiny

but when you smile and you hide the tears behind your eyes

it makes me feel hope again


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