Last Chapter 

It’s time to end what I began 

I’m losing and wasting time 

And sometimes I do cross the line 

I smile and act I’m fine

Asked you to give me the signs 

And you did but I still couldn’t trust you 

Cause I hate your plans and I just want to build mine 

Knowing one day no one will even remember my name 

I lived every day the same sobbing hiding my shame 

And they say we live equally, please step back and look again

The money of the rich is the money that the poor works hard for it, now let’s play the melody 

I write and write but who gives a damn 

I barely get appreciated, so I’m closing this chapter, but before I do that I need to show you  how talented I am

First things first stop trying making people happy when you can’t even smile without breaking mentally

I’m not normal I’m not even steady I believe in heaven but hell is all I’m giving 

I’m a sinner always sinning, you’re an angel always singing, I asked for forgiveness still people don’t believe me, my past keeps on destroying my future it’s his mission, and I can’t let go of my dark thoughts and visions, and don’t pretend you got rid of yours cause I know they still crawl deep inside hidden, and I know how much you laughed and talked behind my back, I trusted you but trust is hard to get just easy to betray, I can’t let go no matter how much I try to burn each name, you all turned out the same and I’m no better I’m such a bad man but you all act like you did no mistakes, you’re all fake, we can go on and debate but I sit in silence cause I know it’s still stronger than my voice and my words is where you can find all the violence 

Now if I died tomorrow don’t act like you cared

Now if I died tomorrow don’t act like you cared 

Actually just go ahead smile I’m no more than a cross, a curse, that you all hate 

Even when you showed me love it was obvious that It was so damn fake but before I die I need to show you what goes on inside of my head maybe for the last time 

So it’s time, cross the line 

I didn’t fail education, education failed me

And before you start giving me solutions 

Go first fix your damn life, and then here we go again, perhaps I know the solution but each solution gives you another wall to break, love in time fades but hate just goes stronger each day, so don’t search for peace in people they’re all evil, and I’m okay to be called a demon

So this is the end but I just want you to remember each word I said, you don’t understand me, you never will, I still appreciate every word you told me, hell I still remember each nickname I gave to each one of you, but now you’re all strangers, strangers still, strangers you’ve been, strangers you’ll always be, and I hate promises, each promise you promised is truthful but in time it turns into a lie, so do me a favor and don’t do that again, and why live when you can just die? Well goodbye. 


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