Autumn Nights 

​                    I just sit here and start                        

flying from nation to nation,demons in my head won’t leave the station,

darkness,I can’t control my madness,each day when I open my eyes I only feel sadness,

I try to pray at night but my thoughts are just not getting to me to get through you God,

I know you know how I feel, and nothing is changing it’s just odd,

winter felt now autumn is calling,as the leaves starts falling,

I know all the tears you’ve been holding,you act like you don’t care so much

but we all know how much you do just by acting like that,so just cut it out,

you can keep on trying but it won’t hit the spot,you walk as you’re dropping blood,

the blades shaking,killing each emotion,wherever you go it’s just flames,your own soul you sold

now come near me and just stand I want you to hear my words until you feel the guilt again

So winter felt autumn is calling 

so I start writing stories

stories that you never told

stories about love,hate and lust 

 and yeah I know 

one way or another we’re all lost 

you’re all the same,the only difference is your jobs and names 

and the money that you worship until you hit your last breath 

as you get closer to death,you realize your life was just a mess

and I know this life is just a big test but I never signed up for it man

so I keep waking up on the wrong side of the bed 

I still don’t know why I walk why do I even stand I know I’m a turn off 

but I just don’t care so go ahead throw flares as I throw myself 

just to feel my beats again, the beast I loved once now just gone away

in my heart there’s no love anymore there’s just rage

heating up, burning down the lanes

an underdog but my words still know my fame 

by the way I play them it’s like I’m playing a ranked game

my words are becoming the same but every time 

I rearrange them they make another story 

a demon mind but a heart of a saint that’s why I type like this

that’s why I can’t stop my emotions from being like this

so I’m still fighting my way, my way out of all of this 

and you’re always drawing your way out of this 

and I know how you do your dance with each color 

it’s just insane,and each line makes you dream,

makes you feel like you’re controlling everything

cause I know inside each one of your drawings 

you hide your screams.



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