Artist Within 


[This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.]

Wake up it’s another day, same car, same job, but never the same
love, still searching for love, and I want the raven keep the dove, cause
sometime darkness is truelove

So this is a story
about a girl, everything in her eyes is  frightful
but bright full, even when she walks on fire she’ll never feel the burn, strong
as heaven, that what she thought though, now she sits in class, daydreaming ,
reality skipping, one classmate behind her talking shit about Mr. Fibber, about
everything she’s not missing, ask herself what is she doing, go to her dad and
ask “Can you define peace please?” he told her peace is only achieved
in dreams, the world is turning now, as she walks start talking to herself , she’s
not that type of girl to stop a flashback , she let it roll, cause she remember
the days when she never been ignored, now all people around her building walls,
talking about love while holding guns, so she start running, racing the words
that left her scared, but as much as she run, words just kept coming closer
“loser, worthless, no use, a burden..” I can go on but get it now? She’s
hurting, she stopped.

Now no she did not get addicted on alcohol and drugs, she
just failed her last exam, no graduation for her now, her father , her mother
were so upset , nothing but hate told her you’re just a complete waste told her
we wish we never made you, a mistake, you shouldn’t been born, it was one fail
that turned to a huge lost, see she never cared about what people thought but
looking at her parents with only hate that day, she cried a river of blood
until..until she erased her own existence , another soul gone that people won’t
be missing, she wanted to draw so she did, a never ending pain, a never ending
fall to her parents and relatives that never cared about her from the first
place, entering her room that day for the condolences, they saw the drawings
hanging on the walls, shinning burning the shadows they caved in, reflecting
the monsters with in.


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