Judge me

Everyone forget their lies and mistakes but always remember yours, that what she said now what I do is write all day, I write to express myself and you read but you don’t care, I dared and showed you my demons instead of helping me you ran away now I asked you why you didn’t stay, you told me just get the hell away from my face while yours held more darkness but I couldn’t tell you that back then, now should I delete this or hit send? I’m just a human, done my wrongs, still doing them, but you all want to fake, act like you’re holy knowing your full of sins, you asked for redemption but you still can’t feel a change, wear the cross, kiss the cross, let it cross,till you overdose.

But go ahead judge me, judge me, judge me, stabbing me in my back while you hug me, love lost just hatred hunts me

I have nothing to offer but my words, searched for comfort in people but they’re all equally evil, and maybe it’s better if you’re nothing to me, If nothing lasts forever so let it be, draw what you quote, but don’t draw what you dream, maybe it’s all nightmares what you see, to be honest when I close my eyes hell is what I see, each door needs another key, and door after wall after hall after all how the hell can I be free?! I’m not what I say I am I’m filled with fear, so are you dear, and you all talk about how if you showed your true self no one will handle you and you’ll lose people and the image you built will be just gone, but is it worth it? Be who you want to be not who you must be, can’t you see?! Now you said you’re here even when you’re barely talking to me, so I guess it’s just your ghost and me, you talk about souls, gave you mine, but you never gave me yours now I’m dead inside I write and write just to see the beauty of my mind but it’s just intense, everything makes sense to you but never made sense to me, you’re all different, now different have a new meaning to me, you’re all the same that’s what you’re showing me.

But go ahead judge me, judge me, judge me, stabbing me in my back while you hug me, love lost just hatred hunts me

I don’t hate you, I’m still loving you more and more each day, I can’t get you out of my head, but everyone must go his own way ,you’re out of my league anyway but I’m still here any day well anyway everything have its end so maybe this is my own, each word you said felt like a love song, it was so righteous to do what’s wrong, now everyone is turning into stones, while I see thunder in your eyes , to your heart building a storm, as I fall again and again as I think about you when I write about her and when I write about her it’s like I’m rewriting myself and rebuilding this world , destroying the skies bringing angels to earth…but go ahead judge me, and go ahead..judge me.


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