I’m frozen because of this road I chose betting are souls for gold, where’s God we say, thinking we’re owning, there’s no God he told me, words of the coldest, I’m still young but feel the oldest, If you knew each one secret you’ll be storming, you want to write about souls yet you don’t know what have you done with your own, mine is turning to stones, don’t promise me promises you can’t keep, yeah I know it feels so wrong, how can you be so strong yet you feel the weakest of us all, I’m frozen in the depth of hell, as it’s all about fire but I feel so cold, maybe cause the people who needed to warm me the most just left me alone, I look at the mirror see nothing but a joke but I look at your faces you’re nothing but bots, life must carry on? Carry what you can then and just move on, move on to the world of the masses leave me now as I can still hold magic, and I’m calm cause you don’t know the limit of my madness, I still remember it all, I’m still raging it’s hard for me to let it go, it’s easy to write poetry when you just keep dying again and again cause death writes beauty and immortality of your sins as you look at my words thinking I’m living an illusion and I’m sick and kinda insane, well maybe I am, I want to close my eyes and never wake up again, watch me fall as you stand, it was a song to remember a dance to forget as we danced above the sun as you’re holding the moon in your eyes and as I’m freezing your mind, the pain you hide, the pain I write, the pain we endure at nights, the pain that left us sleepless as we start losing the fights, you want money and cars and a guy that will treat you like a queen, cause it’s all about money, well hope you’ll have it all and end up realizing how much you’ll still be empty inside cause your souls will always be mine, I’m the truth that will unfold.


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