I write with my eyes closed just to open my mind, just to forget this life and travel to the afterlife as I’m drifting like smoke, disappearing like smoke, and I wish I can chock you as I overload, everyone turns to dust at the end but we ignore the facts live a lie and fall, we don’t dare and question what happens after all, we act like we’re in control but no, build a house, have a girl, have a child, have a job, have a car, have them as you scar, as I see the blood in your eyes, you smile and smile till you make your tears froze, I can see them, that’s why when I’m near you I feel cold, you don’t remember anything but I…I remember it all, how it used to be, it use to be simple just you and me, but the humans we are the humans will be, fading like smoke, changing shapes like smoke, like smoke, smoke away all the memories, the memories that mended me, young wishing to be old, cause we make them believe that we know it all, but emptiness comes never goes, and teacher that they abuse knowledge just so we think they’re smart but if they were how did they end up having that stupid job, to teach generation of kids what they’ll never miss, my mind is one hell of a storm, one day I’m gonna settle this score even if this chance came when I’m 40 years old, flames bring you down to hell but mine will bring you to heaven, their eyes were watching us as we’re watching God, some searching for Eden, some getting weaker, some die each season,smoke, we fear death but still fearless when it comes to sinning, I showed you mine, yours still hidden, come close again, I want you to stand near me again, I miss your lies, I miss your beating heart that drags mine as it stops, death for me is fine, I miss your touch burning me and it used to get hotter each time, I miss your demonic sound so bad, I remember it when you used to read each one of my lines, but what I miss the most is heaven in your hell.   


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