It’s all about priorities

don’t you see?

Go to school get straight A’s

then college

cause it’s all about knowledge

and then get a job

work for living as you starve

money what makes it easier

cause life is hard

and forget happiness

there’s no such thing

it’s all about being real

it’s all about what makes sense

you’ll lose yourself if you dream

only the ignorant think

that dreams can be achieved

don’t listen to them just listen to me

So that’s what he told you

and you did what he told you

it’s like he owns you

well I don’t blame you

after all the blood he showed you

you wanted to write

but he was one who rewrote you

you had a beautiful wife

a steady job and a gorgeous child

but in your life there was nothing

but emptiness inside

cause you forgot your heart

and followed your mind

followed your mind

to the place where there’s no lights

the route that had all these useless fights

what will happen now to the poetry that you hide

you tried to show the world what you can do

and they don’t and won’t care but it’s funny

cause everyone understands you

but they’re afraid to show what weaken them the most

is it God? Is is the truth? Is it the words of the youth?

we live in a world where the truth is hidden

living lies, yes we’re all free

but there’s difference between freedom

and immorality

and everyone hates life but yet

they want immortality

they hated your songs

you hated his voice

you knew each voice have it’s own remedy

as you type listening to his melodies

the darkest of symphonies

it used to be

each person have his own character

but now if we see something we don’t like about it

we call it sickness, flick this, hit this

you’re 80 years old now and I’m the reaper

now before I take you with me

tell me

with this life you chose did you find

happiness?…Hush don’t scream.


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