Angels In Heaven

You wanted to kill me

so I just held my hands up high

stopped the time as you looked

at the burning skies, you screamed

calling the stars to fall on me

you’re stuck in your place still

you’re controlling my faith

you’re stuck in your place still moving

I’m moving still stuck in my ways

I can change time

still, can’t find the time to change

now as you break my curse

I see you holding the sun in your hand

but I can erase the existence

and remake it again

but you wouldn’t hold back

In your eyes, I saw the demons

dying turning to saints

I think I’m falling in love with you again

you pushed me away,

now we’re walking on air

I try to freeze you again and again

but your blood wings are breaking everything

and dragons fighting monsters beneath us

I walked heaven but you’re the one

who survived hell

I served the gods but you’re the one

who crushed the devil

as my powers started to fade

you came closer to me

and knocked down and showed me

the power of hate

and you whispered to me

“Do you remember who you gave up

to have it all?

All..or that what you thought

Well you gave them me and

they erased your memory

you couldn’t survive heaven

cause you’re not even worth it

and I survived hell cause heaven

was calling for me.”


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