Strike Fear

You think when I’m writing I’m thinking about you but It’s been ages since I thought about you

but everything is just better now without you, you think everything revolves around you

you consider yourself a queen when you’re gold digging until they crown you,

and they crown you just to mount you, you claim you want someone that understands you

but you see the chains, the money that what you bow to

as you pretend you love what they recommend you

and how kind of you and you tell each one

“I can’t live without you.”


Now I’m ready for round two

I’m down to earth playing with heaven

since I was seven, turned to hell at eleven

breathing the ice exhaling the flames

learned that just in seconds

just a question

My God is all about peace, your God is all about wars and depression

so don’t  tell me we worship the same God

you’re waiting for your sirens to fuck and your kingdoms in heaven

we’re waiting to see Jesus who saved us from hell our bond is special

but it’s all about the media teaching you all the wrong lessons

it’s not about fear it’s about what you’ll do and your progression

it’s not for your protection it’s about faith

till your intervention



Round three

words are my only key

my only key to be free

my only key to make you see

my only key to make you dream

and the smallest problems what makes it heavy

my crimes are stacking on me, you’re always messy

I’m always sweaty living life like we’re always twenty

people telling us to grow up already

people telling us to grow up already



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