You told me to let go of the past but I just can’t

I know you will never ever understand

I have nowhere to go, you have  somewhere to stand

I’m chilling with the devil but aiming for heaven till I get banned

I know your lies, I know your fears like the back of my hand

Your soul is my homeland

My ideas are burning in a wasteland

Maybe you have the upper hand

The truth is the only thing that will leave you jammed

Can you just try and understand me

I don’t do this for you I do it for me

I’m kind of stormy stop trying to restore me

You sound so perfect so perfectly wrong,                                                             you bore me

I can enter your mind kill each cell so well                          and you still want to inform me?

What If I was a god for one day, I just want to make everyone horny , till they do an orgy

And I won’t judge I let it slip under all of my glory

And I’ll answer every wish, and they’ll adore me

Ten thousand people wished to die today                       oh well that’s the end of the story

Each one of  my breath have more depth

As you still trying to step a step

I still can crush when I don’t even have strength

Money isn’t wealth

it’s your own soul what makes you enjoy your health

When you’ll come near me you better know how to adept

I want you to know me before I even say a word

See through my eyes you can see my own earth

I’m changing everything till you rebirth

but I can’t change my care maybe it’s a curse

I know it’s not fair but I ignore love just for you

Cause I don’t dare to get closer in this game for you

I hope you understand now where do I stand, I stand for you


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