Leaving Earth


You have a home yet you feel homeless…

She’s walking on earth I’m searching for hell it’s all the same but just little bit more flames and believe me that I’ve tried to behave but nothing seemed to change I will always remember when it will all fade go ahead do enter my heart it’s filled with broken names I try to hide them all using my brain, all the poems you wrote, you’re just repeating yourself, how he left just after he fucked you, sipping beer thinking of his point of view,  the moment you sucked his dick you felt shame , now you feel like no one can trust you, you try to reattach your soul drawing art, art like no other it’s off the charts, you try so hard but still everything keeps falling apart, and when you hit the hardest I know you just imagine hitting yourself.

You have a name but you know that you’re nameless…

Knock my door at seven, let’s bleed and we’ll leave earth at eleven, as we answer the call of heaven, I don’t want to sound pleasant, you only pray for saints and forget that God is the weapon, you smile so much, a smile made by the devil throwing lies just giving venom, if you’re so happy and careless why you’re always under pressure, and so needy always hashtagging your blessings? You only brag about money because you have no essence, you can have it all still you’ll come in second cause your biggest obsession is your biggest regression, being your conscious will be my profession

You have a face but you feel faceless…

You’re so real, real using all kind of filters on Instagram, Photo-shopping some weight out with her sister Ann, take this picture just make it ideal, yeah show your heels, I smell fake all over the atmosphere, do you miss summer or you just miss showing your body dear? Let’s make one thing clear you can hide everything but you can’t hide your fear, I don’t even need you to speak to me I’m the nightmare in your dreams, you’re low on your gear, you only talk behind her back because you have no guts well your own lies are driving you nuts I know you don’t want to admit it but my words are giving you the deepest cuts

You have a nice home yet you feel homeless and all alone, you have a name but still searching for what makes it right, you go and you try to fight for your rights, and you have a beautiful face but you feel faceless cause no one will read your words and appreciate them until you reach fame. So I just want to leave earth, take my hand let’s leave earth, fly away leave it and let it all burn and you have a religion but yet you feel so lonely….

Okay God I believe in you still not beating the odds it’s kind of odd, and I’m all about weakness when I should be feeling strong, there’s no logic to me there’s only logic up there, it’s all going wrong and the wicked ones rolling like a storm, no justice there’s only justice up there well just take me already, or maybe I’m going down there, everything is the same out there, she’s memorizing me with her brown hair, fire in her eyes giving me agony, it’s the demon hunting me, everyone is playing games with me, and she said to come near me and kiss me taste all the wrong things in me and tell me how each second you miss me, now just come burn ­­­­­­­with me


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