Last Bullets

“I realized that religion was conmanship and in fact, the story of creation is a myth. The Bible itself is contradictory in so many instances. This is the part where I realized that there is no God.” -Harrison Mumia



Run, run, run from everything that makes you who you are, run.

Enter the final phase

Enter the end of days

Live your life just a different way

Go ahead try, but you’re all afraid

Can you pray loudly and be thankful for his grace?

Maybe you’re fearless, but you’re fearless from all the wrong things

And go ahead fly, fly with your broken wings

You try to act all dark but you’re just paper thin

You’re just paper thin

And now each wrong is shedding your skin

So you wonder how does it all end, as you drink your bottles of gin

And where did all begin


Or You’re more afraid of your angels

Than your demons instead

You’re more afraid of God

Than the devil instead

You’re more afraid of yourself

Than everything else instead

So run and run from everything

That made you who are you are

But I know the voices in your head

That they’ll never make you mend

As you look at the skies, his words are words of thunder.



Many spinners are marketed as aides for individuals with anxiety, autism and ADHD- Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor


It’s funny how you believe in everything they “Study”

Let’s state the obvious, how about it’s a marketing scheme?

Well sit aside and give them your money while they live your dreams

Brainwashed by all the lies and you’re too dumb to change the theme

And we just push it to the extreme

We can’t believe in the most obvious things but we worship the most stupid things, supreme

Been Ignoring what’s real, just put me for another meme

From the inside comes all the screams

That you can’t even hear

You try your hardest to fit in

But you can’t cause you know your soul can’t even fit

It’s all blinded by sins

The only thing that needs spinning

…Is your head cause you’re not winning

Spin it and recapture all of it

All of this it’s just shit

So flip the page and go write your own script


So lay your guards down

Ignore all the sounds

And think of how much stress

The media is doing all around

Now your rage is cracking the ground

All the lies you’ve been told

The truth never been found

But now break free, and flame more each round



“There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.”― Shel SilversteinEvery Thing on It



So I kissed your lips tasted heaven

But Hell just kept on breaking loose each second

Now we’re fast-forwarding each segment

You told me

“Do you think I’m ugly that you only call me sweet?

Does it feel being with me kind of a defeat?

And that I’m nothing more than an emotional relief?

Cause all I’ve doing it making myself bleed

But you never understood you never felt the heat

You just kept running away from me

If you don’t want a happy ending

Just stay away from me.”


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