So I kissed your lips tasted heaven

But Hell just kept on breaking loose each second

Now we’re fast-forwarding each segment

You told me

“Do you think I’m ugly that you only call me sweet?

Does it feel being with me kind off a defeat?

And that I’m nothing more than an emotional relief?

Cause all I’ve doing it making myself bleed

But you never understood you never felt the heat

You just kept running away from me

If you don’t want a happy ending

Just stay away from me


Just stay away from me

Have mercy on me

And I’m always with you

Yet you keep telling me you feel so lonely.”


So I told her

“It’s not that I don’t love you

Look I’m always thinking of you

And to be honest

I’m always running from you

Cause I don’t think I even deserve you

and I just felt pain every time I touched you

every touch felt that all I do is cut you


so you came closer and whispered to me

and in your eyes nothing but flames


“I felt each cut

And I never asked you to stop

It felt so real, you told me milk me for my last drop


But the problem is and the problem will always be


That you think love have its terms and conditions

But each one define what love is differently, and for me it’s forgiven

And I never cared for what was given

As long we can have what will keep us living.


And remember when you told me

That we just need God and everything

Will go in the right way even when it felt like

Everything is going the wrong way

No matter the pain you’ll always be here

That you’re just going to stay

As I sing to you what you write to me

As you write to me what I never knew that owns me

A sin is a sin you told me, as you showed me

An I used to enjoy while guys turned their heads for me


Thought it’s something great while I was living in tragedy

So you came and hit me with reality

Said to me you’ll never live happily

Until you ask for his majesty

The holiest in the whole galaxy

This whole world is a broken fantasy


And I gave you my hand

You stole my heart

You were an image of a forgotten art

You just gave me a fresh start

It was all easy nothing was hard  

It was about me and you opening to God


We believe in God we can beat the odds

We believe in God we can beat the odds


So I told her after a long pause that

“I remember everything

You said to me that you’re happy with no healer

And you felt happiness but for all the wrong reasons

And it got weirder each season

And all the wrongs that left you freezing

With no purpose rendering you sleepless


And while we were driving for the last time

You told me “I’m thankful for the light you showed me.”

And now were here how does it feel

Ow “Hey Jesus.”


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