I tell you I love you but I don’t

I tell you I want you but I don’t

I tell you I need you but I don’t

Maybe I want you but I can’t have you

So just sit beside me and let me tell you

everything wrong, and you’re not strong

we used to chat, you used to put everything on hold

your email was a bunch of numbers and underscores

revolved around your lore, I was evolving my storm

you acted all bad cause the good ones die young

and I cherished you for your soul

and when I was Away you nudged me

telling me you’re tired I need someone

just come and hug me

all these people fake quoting everything about me

fake quoting all the good and bad things

you showed me heaven but hell what haunts me

I prayed for the saints but they’re all dead

God is alive but I just kept ignoring him instead

You had the knowledge when all they did is pretend

Pretending to know a thing

Pretending to understand something

But the lies in their eyes

Telling me they live a life with no fight

No fight for what’s right

All I used to care about is to party

Till I see the sun and lose hype

So you asked

What changed and so I said

That I just imagined everyone

I know is dead

Burning for eternity in hell

Cause they were too busy climbing

Grinding for this mortal life

With no moral stabbing everyone with a knife

Leaving you with such an empty advice

Search for someone to date

Search for your own faith

But they never told me

That I need Jesus

So thank you for showing me

The truth that now holds me

Now I’m dreaming of such a beautiful end

okay before you read it just let me un-send.


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