Dead Since Forever

Looking back at it

Looking back at the past

Every moment felt like a trap

But I just moved on ignored the facts

Well play me well till I turn bad

Happy places just sad faces and fake ends

You’ve been acting like gods when I was Hades

Silence what kills you so come and face me

You’re made of plastic, talking with plastic words,

living in a plastic world, that’s why it’s easy to burn your earth

you tell us you’re no more than a sin since your birth

building devil traps in your own church

false shepherds blinding their sheep

they don’t even bother to read

stuck in a system that will always make you feel defeat

so listen to things that make you bleed

now just come closer and feel the heat

it gets scarier with every heartbeat

you gave up on all of your fears

but now you fear to even dream

it was too late when you realized

you’ve been dead since forever

without him, you’ve been searching for whatever

thinking the next one will be better

make you forget the pain

pain without God will keep on going

just forever

so now you tell me you hate yourself

and you’ve been smiling just to fool the others

we live faithlessly until we hate one another

hating ourselves the most as you close your eyes

everything will fade as you start to breathe hate

we know we’re mortals

we run from him like it’s our only option

you spread me with roses just to make me

touch its thorn, now her there’s no throne

if he doesn’t exist tell me what are these voices talking in your head?!

You say it’s hard but you know how it’s something just easy to understand

You fake your own mess until you’re killed by your own stress

You need a breaking point just to make you confess

You walk and talk with no pride just to impress

You just move with no process

The only person you’re offending is yourself

There’s only one God but so many different beliefs

So you wonder your whole life with disbelief

Everyone lies to you, how does it feel?

It took you some time but now you realized

You’ve been dead since forever without your savior

And your savior is all who you need


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