You’ve been spreading fear

I’ve been nothing but a broken dream

And you say …

And you say…

I love you, I want you, I need you

When I was dragging you to hell with me

How can I not put the blame on me?

Don’t tell me I don’t feel pain; the devil is the only who fits me

I’ve been hearing demons but why I can’t hear God calling me?

Look at my eyes and melt as you bow down to me

The truth is a lie that what you’ve been showing me

And you say…

And you say…

Come just let it go tonight

We don’t have to fight again tonight

But all they do is whisper, playing with my mind

I would’ve to give you my heart but it has no light

You want my soul just take it but promise me you’ll break it

It’s heavy and I just can’t even take it

But you just keep coming back

Told you goodbye you tell me hi

Told you goodnight you tell me you’re my life

And I say…

And I say…

It may seem harsh sometimes

But I do it because I know what’s right

I don’t deserve you, I still don’t know his might

Pretending till I reach the end as I push you away

Cause I don’t want you to win this fight

And I say…

And I say…

I write with power cause I’m dead inside

Dead inside reliving my crimes

Just don’t read between the lines

It gets more obvious in time

Shadier with each rhyme

Scarier with my design

And forgive me, God, for I have sinned

And forgive me, God, for I have sinned

Forgive me, God…

Forgive me God for everything.




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