Happy Birthday

I know how you feel
You feel heavy
You’re trying so hard to stay steady
But you were never ready for a family
When you look at your girl you see all the peace in your demons
She can make you smile for no damn reason
You called her Mandy and she’s giving you the most beautiful feelings
Your love for her grown stronger each season
Well you knew love with no cost is just an easy lost
So you kept giving her everything and you never cared about the cost
Telling her
“Look at your daddy’s eyes they’ll watch you forever and I’m sorry
me and your mother got divorced but hey I’ll be the first one to know
What’s your favorite color, food, and song
And yeah you’ll hear them talking but it was never your fault.”
I know how you feel
You feel heavy
You’re trying so hard to stay steady
Six years passed so fast
So you were reading her favorite book
She stopped you and asked
“Hey daddy, why people look at me
Like that?
Is it because when I try to run
I just keep on falling and I crash?
Or Is It because I can barely laugh?
And what they have meant when they said
Her parents should’ve never smashed?”
As his heart was breaking he said
“That what people do
There’s nothing wrong with you
They’re filled with hate and have nothing on you
When you feel down just lookup up high
Look at the skies and aim to heaven where there’s only light
And promise me you won’t listen to the voice of man
Just pray and sleep well tonight
Cause tomorrow is another fight to keep your spot upstairs so love for what’s right
As she closed her eyes and said
“Goodnight daddy, I love you come let me kiss you.” 

“Hey Mandy, I guess I never got bored of seeing you over and over again

I miss you, look I brought you a cake it’s your birthday today, right? I never forgot
When I looked at your eyes for the first time they’ve changed me in so many ways
I’m sorry I never told you about your sickness Mandy, the doctor told us you won’t live much
You were in such a bad condition and your mother and I never went to a divorce actually
She died giving you birth…Anyway I’m sorry for hiding the truth but at least I know you’re resting now
With him, and I really hope your mother is up there with you, well I bought a music player, a red one your favorite color and here let me play your favorite song that you use to hate and I guess I made you love it, huh I’m kind of a jerk am I not Mandy?“What a world that I’m living in,
Will the rainstorms ever end?
Steal I feel my, path narrow, I run again,
Seen happiness is gone again…”Mandy
worthy of being loved


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