Face Off

You said you feel my pain

But all you cared about is seeing your name

Between each phrase

Stop acting because I know you only feel shame

And let me take it frame by frame

You say you’re different when you’re all the same

Judge me over and over again

Between us all there’s nothing but flames

Will your POV change if I turned my soul

Just for fame?

Back to black

If you’re real

why you can only like what’s fake?

The truth I hold is hard for you to embrace

You’re the easiest person to break

And she’s like wait so I tell her

Let it go, this is not a debate

You talk about it but you barely

know anything about faith

you can push all the buttons

but you will never make it play

the blessings you have are turning into a curse

open your eyes and watch the price you’ll pay

whispering back all these lies you made

listen to your heart, I know you’re afraid

screw you and your stupid games

searched for perfection, look what you became

you’re so earthly all you dream about is an empty space

and you still have the most beautiful face

it supposed to be about love

but it’s easier to show you nothing but hate.


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