Obliterate (Part One)

I tell her I have faith in God

She asks me how rich is Rashad

I tell her I believe that the power above can beat all odds

She looks at me, roll her eyes and tell me to let’s go to Riyadh

And she follows it up telling me I don’t care if I married a Muslim, just let me fall in the dark

Damn, so much expensive cars a land and range rover, why would I care about your art?!

I wouldn’t even care if he screwed me over

I just need a bit of an exposure

He’s kind of a big company owner

Look at his eyes, they’re pushing me closer

His last girl he just dethroned her

I tell her why you keep posting these pictures

With hashtag “blessed”

These people aren’t even your friends

You meet them once and you gave one of them a lap dance

Sister, you’re just a freaking mess

You’re trying so hard to impress

Now you’re obsessed with all the wrong things

Remember when you were a kid dreaming about all these innocent things

Playing with the swings, shining every spring, our mom told me “Look at her, where does she hide her wings?”

Now you’re just fake, I can easily make you on Sims

You want that guy? Just show him your body, easy win

You look like a whore and you tell me “It’s not a sin.”

So she said

I used to hear our mother telling them that she a raised a gentleman

When your mind, heart, and soul were broken, searching to catch someone’s hand

The blessings he gave you are turning into a curse and you can’t arrange them

Second, after second you’re letting your darkness win

Let them spin, your angels where have they been?

Your girl been showing them so much skin

Showing all her demons within

Hiding her real pictures behind

But she’s so damn blind

Thinking we’re all going to heaven…Right?

She’s so plastic acting all deep

It’s no more than sarcastic

Thinking she’s special but she’s no more than a classic

How can you claim you’re a believer when you can’t change anyone?!


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