Cloud 9

She wants you bad

People just want to make you sad

Just show them hate till they get mad

Push them under while they push you down

Your thoughts have a sound that breaks the ground

So as your eyes turn red, howl till you see them bow

Let them bow to your glory, you’ve conquered each territory

But you still feel empty inside

In your head, just darkness demising the light

A man still can’t face his crimes

They made you believe you’re worthy of nothing

And that they’re all better than you, and now it feels like your being hunted

You start to realize all the wrong things

Now you try to fly with broken wings

You apologize again and again

Knowing they all sin and they start giving you pain

And you start turning insane again

They analyze you frame by frame

Each night and day

But let it all burn in flames

I apologize for everything wrong I made

For every lie I made

For each time I brought you down

The closer I get the harder it gets

But the closer I get I look at all the changes in me

I’m no more than a man that needs your help

Forever mend me, and thank you for the greatest sacrifice you ever made.



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