Dead Since Forever

Looking back at it Looking back at the past Every moment felt like trap But I just moved on ignored the facts Well play me well till I turn bad Happy places just sad faces and fake ends You’ve been acting like gods when I was Hades Silence what kills you so come and face […]

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I tell you I love you but I don’t I tell you I want you but I don’t I tell you I need you but I don’t Maybe I want you but I can’t have you So just sit beside me and let me tell you everything wrong, and you’re not strong we used to […]

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What I’ve been listening to I’m hearing the crappiest songs on the radio What I’m turning into It’s all about love, sex yet nothing is about you Open minded yet you’re not open to my view You asked for the truth The truth what I’m turning into They just want you to feel pain Cause […]

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So I kissed your lips tasted heaven But Hell just kept on breaking loose each second Now we’re fast-forwarding each segment You told me “Do you think I’m ugly that you only call me sweet? Does it feel being with me kind off a defeat? And that I’m nothing more than an emotional relief? Cause […]

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Last Bullets

“I realized that religion was conmanship and in fact, the story of creation is a myth. The Bible itself is contradictory in so many instances. This is the part where I realized that there is no God.” -Harrison Mumia     Run, run, run from everything that makes you who you are, run. Enter the […]

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Leaving Earth

  You have a home yet you feel homeless… She’s walking on earth I’m searching for hell it’s all the same but just little bit more flames and believe me that I’ve tried to behave but nothing seemed to change I will always remember when it will all fade go ahead do enter my heart […]

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You told me to let go of the past but I just can’t I know you will never ever understand I have nowhere to go, you have  somewhere to stand I’m chilling with the devil but aiming for heaven till I get banned I know your lies, I know your fears like the back of […]

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