Mind Surface

I burn myself just to recreate while I turn to ashes my thoughts are just meshing  I kill myself each day just to feel alive and kick it for another session   If you want to read my mind you’ll just keep on guessing  cause I don’t even know what my thoughts go on stretching  perhaps […]

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Obliterate (Part One)

I tell her I have faith in God She asks me how rich is Rashad I tell her I believe that the power above can beat all odds She looks at me, roll her eyes and tell me to let’s go to Riyadh And she follows it up telling me I don’t care if I […]

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Face Off

You said you feel my pain But all you cared about is seeing your name Between each phrase Stop acting because I know you only feel shame And let me take it frame by frame You say you’re different when you’re all the same Judge me over and over again Between us all there’s nothing […]

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Happy Birthday

I know how you feel You feel heavy You’re trying so hard to stay steady But you were never ready for a family When you look at your girl you see all the peace in your demons She can make you smile for no damn reason You called her Mandy and she’s giving you the […]

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    You’ve been spreading fear I’ve been nothing but a broken dream And you say … And you say… I love you, I want you, I need you When I was dragging you to hell with me How can I not put the blame on me? Don’t tell me I don’t feel pain; the […]

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A Little Bit More Light

Look at them all Look at them fall Look at me crawl For God, I seek But darkness what’s in me Between you and me I’m tired of trying to believe Sometimes I just want to lose my mind Blow you away till you lose your sight I wasn’t born to fight so I’m letting […]

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Sunshine Don’t Shine

Your eyes are so bright they can’t even see one night is it healthy?! You’re always walking on sunshine honey and I’ve been always running in circles and skipping reality just like a bunny you’re the wannabe that no one wants to be I’ve opened my eyes to see only to see reality slipping by me and now […]

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