She told me you only write when you’re mad you only type just to go off track cause you know your words are your own trap lay back, just put some sense into it before you attack you think everything is about you, makes it kind of whack look, sweetheart, why the heck you […]

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Ender’s Game

Christian by name You have no humbleness; how does that portray? It screams all over the world that you’re just another fake You think education makes people, well go ahead I’ll let you rate I don’t want to be your equal, you’re just below me if you think that way Open up your mind, I’ll […]

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I’ve been hearing voices Telling me I’ve made all these wrong choices Searching for an antidote but I keep on swallowing more poison I’m under attack each season People are professional at treason They’ve lost the sound of reason A beacon of light burning my inner demons Uneducated but sophisticated We fake love maybe because […]

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It’s been haunting me From day one wanting me These lies are conquering me Don’t get me wrong I know I can hold on a fight I’m still young, right?! Go ahead run I’m holding my gun I’m not holding back bring me back the fun (Now hold on I think I can remember Your […]

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All I did to you Is what I never wanted From people to do me Coming like I can heal you Coming like I could’ve to shield you But instead all I was giving you pain It was turning me insane Pushing me closer to hell’s gate Honestly, I was confused, should I just go […]

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We’ve been on and off They love you once hate you for forever Words of the wise, I can hear them But I’m like whatever You never said “Hey” but you don’t know better You can combine the elements? ow such pressure but I’m the one who’s controlling your weather fire and ice don’t play […]

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A Public Apolgie

Each time I looked at your eyes I saw the demon that I was, I was blind But then you came and broke each lie Die and live, live and die as long as you try As you try to fly and break everything wrong in your mind You smile but forever I’ll feel the […]

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